Our Vision and Values


A little bit about us...

At Streatham Baptist Church, our vision is to lead people to become fully devoted followers of Christ.

We are a multi-ethnic, intergenerational church committed to worshipping Jesus together, empowered by the Spirit to serve one another and the communities represented throughout our congregation and beyond.

This can't be just marketing speak

As a church community, we're making 5 commitments.

These commitments illustrate that our vision statement above is not just wishful thinking and not something that we have already achieved. Instead, it is aspirational as well as a statement that we commit to working on, together, on an ongoing basis:

As a community enabled by God, we want to learn and grow together, discipling and being accountable to one another through 5 commitments:

  1. We commit to being a multi-ethnic and multicultural community

  2. We commit to being an intergenerational community

  3. We commit to a lifestyle of worship

  4. We commit to serving one another

  5. We commit to serving our communities

And we invite the Holy Spirit to work in us as we live authentically in each of these areas.

The 5 Commitments Expanded

We will work consciously and intentionally to live out these commitments as a community.

As a church, we're working on what these commitments look like. We've started writing down some practical actions that we can take and some ways in which our leaders and our members can be intentional in each of these five areas of church life.

Throughout the rest of 2022 we'll be exploring these themes together, through our teaching during services and through every other part of church life.

Leaders and Members are being equipped and encouraged to develop these themes in their own lives as well as throughout any areas that they lead, serve in, or come into contact with.

We hope that you will join us as we go on this journey together.