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On Sunday...


is welcome to participate in our services, in what we call "The Sanctuary" - our main meeting space. There are flags at the front to wave and children do not have to stay in their seats, although they should stay within sight of their parents/carers.

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is welcome to sit, stand, crawl or cartwheel* in the atrium, where the service can be viewed on a screen with audio. This space may be suitable for those who do not find the sanctuary easy for any reason, including noise, crowds or staying still for longer periods. There are chairs, the floor, and when the weather is good you can even find a spot out in the garden to sit or stand.

*Do be accommodating to those watching/listening to the video

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Under 5's

The Creche room is always available for parents and carers to take their children to before/during/after the service and there is audio from the service in the Creche room.

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Kingdom Kids (age 5-11)

Parents, carers and children can join with the wider church family for sung worship, then leave the sanctuary for some age-appropriate activities.

Usually, Oaks (8-11 years old, KS2) meet in the Garden Lounge (up one level, to the left) and Acorns (5-7 years old, Reception & KS1) meet next door in the Lewin Lounge (up one level and to the right).

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Ichthus (age 11-17)

Ichthus Youth are back! We vary which room(s) we meet in, so listen out during the service or follow the crowd! We're often in the hall but sometimes upstairs. Head out after sung worship in the sanctuary has finished (about 11am) until the service ends (~11.45am).

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We're all different.

We love to welcome everyone on a Sunday and we have a variety of friends and members with different needs who are able to engage with our services. Please be patient with those who participate differently.


Some of us are very aware that we've got a long way to go before we are truly able to welcome everyone. Some of us don't attend on a Sunday but engage with church life in other ways.

If you have questions, the best thing to do is ask! You can speak to Daniel, who works part-time in the office, or speak to one of the leaders such as Nathan, Jackie or Stephen.

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