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Suzann Simpson (nee Douglas)

Lay Leader - Public Worship

Suzann has been at SBC since 2015. She is part of the worship team at SBC and helps to coordinate the worship teams. She began her church journey in 1991, being baptised at and worshipping at Kensington Temple and later joining Hillsong London, at its inception, where she worshipped for a few years.

Suzann works in Banking. She is also an author and qualified counsellor. Suzann is passionate about emotional healing and justice! She loves supporting clients in the counselling room and finds it both an honour and rewarding to see the growth and change that happens with clients. She is also involved in mental health and diversity initiatives within Banking.

Suzann loves to have good chats and catch-ups with her support network of friends and family members. She also loves to travel.

0208 769 1515

Suzann Simpson (nee Douglas)
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