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My part in the response to another tragedy on our streets

Neil Charlton is the youth worker for Streatham Baptist Church

Over the past two weeks, I have joined the Racial Justice Advocacy Forum (RJAF), the National Church Leaders Forum, the Evangelical Alliance, the Ascension Trust, the London Baptist Association, and local authorities and MPs, to meet to hear the concerns of the bereaved family of Chris Kaba, an unarmed black man who was fatally shot by police on 5th September 2022. We also heard the concerns of the wider community and were there to offer pastoral support in their grief, and solidarity in their search for answers.

New Park Road (NPR) Baptist Church, which is located near where the incident took place, has become a focal point for reflection, and its pastor, Revd Siaa-Liane Mathurin, and church worker, Rachel Swaby, have been liaising with community members, especially young people, who are both concerned and angry about the circumstances of the young man’s demise. Please pray for these key individuals.

The RJAF is also calling for prayers for the Kaba family, Chris’ friends and the wider community. They are remembering in particular the many young people who are hurting and fearful, and the parents who are concerned for their welfare at this time.

I will continue to liaise with these groups to offer support when and where I can.



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