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Men test their emotional intuition... And musical knowledge!

A quiz with a difference...

Friday night saw church members and some other friends gather for some friendly drinks, conversation and a quiz hosted in Jon Kuhrt's front room.

Once the merits of various savoury snacks had been determined, we split into three small teams and were introduced to the various quiz rounds that would test much more than our knowledge of obscure trivia...

The first round was indeed general knowledge, although how general "general" might mean, was soon called into question when even the quizmaster admitted that he didn't understand the question. Still, the round lasted less than 5 minutes and soon we were onto some more varied challenges, including holding a dining room chair aloft for as long as possible (with cries of "his arms aren't straight!" still ringing in my ears) and a music round in which clips were played, one for every decade of her majesty's reign over the last 70 years.

Our "emotional intuition" was also tested during a round where each participant's loves and hates were read out at random and we had to guess which passions belonged to which person!

A group of some of the men gathered together for the Men of Destiny quiz night
Some of the men assembled for our MoD quiz night...

As someone happily commented at the end of the evening, there was "something for everyone" be it the intellectual round, physical round, historical, musical, rhetorical or even liturgical dance-off* - at least, everyone that I spoke to seemed to enjoy themselves. It was a great chance to gather together as men, with a fairly light-hearted atmosphere, a chance to talk and get to know each other a little bit more than after a Sunday service. And whilst it sometimes feels daunting to talk with other men, particularly when you're not sure any will be much like you, it's great to be reminded that we all have one thing in common; a love for Jesus. That certainly helps me to feel more at ease and it was actually really good to get together with other guys who are not just like me.

Thanks to all the guys who were able to come along. If you want to be kept up to speed on "Men of Destiny" happenings, we have two WhatsApp groups that you can ask any of the leaders to be added to: one strictly for notices of upcoming events & prayers, and the other for a bit more general conversation, encouragement and relevant news. Just ask to speak to Adrian, Nathan or Daniel. And if you're not on WhatsApp, make sure we have your email address or phone number instead.

"Men of Destiny" is the name for our group which specifically caters for men within the SBC church family. "Women of Purpose" caters specifically for women, "2or3" is the name for our young adults' group and "Ichthus" is our under-18s youth group. For more information on 2or3 and Ichthus speak to Neil Charlton, our youth worker. We have other groups that cater for other members of the church family and not all are listed on the website:- please ask for more information.

*not an actual quiz round, but I'll ask Zac and Jon if they will organise this for another time.


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