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Looking back: Easter Extravaganza!

We were so thrilled to organise and participate in a variety of fantastic events over the long Easter weekend back in April.

Over the Easter Week, we held a reflective Maundy Thursday service, participated in Street Evangelism and Outreach, worked with other churches in Streatham to create a public celebration and witness on Good Friday, invited friends, families and all ages into our building for fun, games, art and food (and of course an egg hunt!) on Saturday and celebrated the risen Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday.

So many people were able to experience a part of the Streatham Baptist Community over the four days and see, feel, hear & taste the Gospel in ways that were relevant to them. We really hope to build on this and not just do more of the same, but continue to live out our values through everything we do as a church community:

  • We are Intentionally Intergenerational

  • We commit to being Multi-Ethnic and Multicultural

  • We commit to Serving Each Other

  • We commit to Serving Our Communities

And the only way we can do this is with the help of the Holy Spirit.

We trust that by our words and actions, everyone we come into contact with will eventually come to know Jesus Christ.

More recently, we also counted ourselves very lucky to be invited by our neighbours on Lewin Road to their Coronation Street Party. We helped out beforehand and on the day, and enjoyed getting to know each other over BBQ, games and live music. Pastor Nathan seemed to get volunteered to adjudicate the tug-of-war and a four-legged friend of SBC even won one of the prizes in the dog show!

What a fantastic day with 300+ people there throughout the afternoon and evening: enjoying food, fun, sunshine and friendship.


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