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Farewell Pastor Rachel!

On Sunday 12th February 2023, Streatham Baptist Church said a fond farewell to Pastor Rachel Waitt as well as her family: Timothy, Bethan and Elijah. Rachel will be finishing her dissertation and studies in the coming weeks and after a short break, will be taking up the role of Minister of Borehamwood Baptist Church.

(Left to right) Pastor Rachel, Jenny, Bethan, Stephen, Elijah, Timothy, Suzann, Pastor Nathan, Jackie, Pastor Chris.

The family will be moving to Borehamwood this summer and we wish them all the very best as they discover God's continued calling on their lives and the next steps in their journey with him. You can watch Rachel's final Sunday with us, including some tributes, an interview with Rachel, and a message from Philippians 1:1-11 brought by Rachel herself.

Rachel left us with many good fruits and good memories and also this blessing which she wrote for us and is now up on the wall in the corridor behind the Sanctuary:

Streatham Baptist Church,

May your beautiful diversity be a prophetic sign to the world,

that in Christ the walls of division have been broken down,

May you be always blessed to count amongst you those from

all generations and value their contribution equally,

May your daily worship, in thought, word and deed, together

and apart, give glory to God,

May you find great joy in loving and serving one another as you

respond to the God who loved you first,

And may the community in which you are planted see Christ

and come to know Him, through your lives and service.

In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.



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