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Belonging. Face to face again!

"Belonging" is the name for our ESOL English classes that are offered free to our community around Streatham.

After two years of online English classes, we started meeting face to face again in the atrium at the beginning of June.

It was a joy to see each other face to face. I no longer needed to work out how to adapt my materials for zoom classes, the learners could practise conversations, they could write in the class and we laughed more when we were together.

I had a small group of enthusiastic and appreciative learners. They spanned the world - Syria, Morocco, Lithuania, Brazil and El Salvador.

I made some scones for the end of term and we had a "cream tea party" on our last Thursday. A few church members came to speak English with the learners and we had a lovely morning's conversation together.

Thank you so much to those who pray for Belonging.

If you or anyone you know wants to study English on Thursday mornings from November 2022, please contact me via the SBC office.



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