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7 conversations (our) church needs to have to reach young adults

Framing the issue: An urgent conversation

The Evangelical Alliance published "A Missing Generation" in 2009. This missing generation was so-called because of the diminishing numbers of those aged between 18 and 30 attending our churches. Twelve years on, despite some significant encouragements – for example, the numbers of young adults engaged in online church during the coronavirus – the problem remains, with young adults noticeably absent from many churches.

Read the booklet, containing some really fascinating insights and reporting, as well as guides, videos and conversation starters [here] or download the PDF [here].

Get stuck into the 7 Conversations guide, accompanying blog series, short films and virtual environment, and start preparing for this journey today.

We'll be drawing on some of these resources as a church in the future, as we seek to live out our commitment, not to create new "mono-generational" models of church but to being an "intergenerational" church.

The EA (producer of the 7-conversations resources) says:

It is our hope that 7 Conversations does not cause you to create a new young adult congregation, but rather helps you to flavour and enhance all that the church does, enabling all generations to grow together.

This Sunday the 29th of January, we will be reflecting on these conversations during our service. You can watch online here (including catching up later if you missed us live) or join us in person at our building in Streatham.


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