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Neil Charlton

Youth Worker

Neil works with ages 11 to 17 inside and outside of church. Before working here at SBC, Neil has served several schools as a pastoral worker and worked alongside the London Metropolitan Police as a youth mentor. Neil has also worked as a sports coach and has led some of his young people to bring home London-wide football trophies in the recent years...

In 2012 Neil received a London Youth Award recognising his work among young Londoners.

Raised a Catholic, Neil made a public confession of Jesus in 1989 after listening to Billy Graham preach live at Earls Court. Neil says it was also the first time he remembers experiencing the Holy Spirit. His main spiritual formation has happened within the Baptist movement but he has also experienced significant spiritual growth within the Pentecostal and Charismatic traditions.

Neil enjoys learning about new and pioneering expressions of church. With a love of reading and studying, he completed his theological studies at Spurgeon’s College in 2021. Neil is married to Tatenda and they have a son, Gabriel.

0208 769 1515

Neil Charlton
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