Listening Assemblies

Breaking Down Walls – Building Community

We need to talk about race. It’s an issue that all people everywhere have to face. We cannot delay or hide from it any longer. In response to the global conversation on race and racism we are creating safe spaces to listen, talk, learn and seek healing. Together, we will journey towards becoming an even more loving, welcoming, accepting gospel multi-ethnic community for all to find their salvation in Jesus Christ who is Lord over all, and Lord over everyone. We will need to do this prayerfully, sensitively under the guidance of God’s word and His Spirit. We are on a journey and we are working out the process step by step.

We believe that the issue of race impacts not only the wider society but also the church and in particular multicultural, multiethnic congregations such as SBC. We also believe that issues of race, equality, equity and justice are central themes to the saving work of Christ. Passages such as Galatians 3:28 tell us how God through the gospel addresses those issues.

We want to root this issue firmly within the saving working of Christ, the multilingual gift of the Holy Spirit and our heavenly destination described in Revelation 7:9-12 where all nations and tongues surround the throne of God, demonstrating that God has literally saved our skins.

We know that for some people this may be challenging and uncomfortable and create fear that this will divide the church. But we cannot have true unity if one part of the body is in pain and another part of the body ignores it. Throughout his pastoral letters, Paul exhorted the church to ‘bear with one another’. We hope that through this time of listening we will bear with one another in love.

We would love you to join us in exploring this issue that both affects so many of us personally and also deeply affects our community. We pray that God will use these spaces to start a journey of healing, reconciliation and justice.

The importance of Faith and Prayer

By embarking on this journey, we are seeking to place faith in the work Christ has done and is doing in His people (Ephesians 2). As a Christian community, let us commit to prayer (and fasting), seeking to discern how we can contribute to the process of reconciliation and justice. Over the next several weeks we encourage everyone to bathe this process in faithful prayer. 

This can be expressed both individually and corporately. We have weekly prayer meetings, SBC Connect and Sunday (morning) sunrise prayer. Please see the Church bulletin for more information. 


What is A Listening Assembly?

Based on Acts 15, these listening assemblies will be safe, facilitated spaces to explore the effects and impact of racism, to talk honestly together, to pray and to consider where healing, reconciliation and justice are needed. All the meetings will happen online via Zoom. The two listening assemblies will engage in conversation via the submission of questions and answers to each other.

The aim of these spaces is to clarify the conversations and experiences we need to have together as one loving, listening, whole community. The listening spaces are initially separate with an aim of joining back together as one church family.

It is believed that this will facilitate aid the quality of the conversation, healing and help us on the trajectory of reconciliation and seeking justice in society.
You will need to register by clicking the button underneath the relevant Listening Assembly and you will be sent the zoom meeting information to gain access to the meeting.

What is UKBAME?

Many of us are aware of the ongoing public discourse about the appropriateness and problems with the term BAME. No term can fully encompass the rich diversity of African, Latin and Asian cultures. Moreover, while Black, Latin and Asian communities are the minority in the UK they are the global majority (numerically) outside the UK. In recognising this, it was agreed that we will use the term UKBAME to refer to African, Latin and Asian cultures for this process.

This includes black and brown peoples from all origins. This term is neither perfect nor set in stone and the group facilitators are happy to engage in a positive discussion about this term.

I have questions?

If you have questions or queries during the process please feel free to contact your relevant group facilitator. Alternatively, you can make contact with one of the Ministers via email or mobile phone.




UKBAME Listening Assembly

(Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic and Mixed race peoples)

Group Facilitators 

Rev. Nathan McGuire

Suzzan Douglas

Neil Charlton


Dates Session


1st November

Session 1


15th November

Session 2


29th November

Session 3
White Listening Assembly

(White European, Latin and other peoples)

Group Facilitators 

Pastor Rachel Waitt

Nikki Khurt

Adrian Lock


Dates Session


8th November,

Session 1


22nd November

Session 2


6th December

Session 3

Please Register

To gain access to the Zoom meeting information you will need to register. Please ensure you register for the right meeting. Once you have registered an email will be sent to you with the zoom link, ID and meeting password. Once you have registered you will not need to register again. 

The information will remain the same for all the sessions. 

If you require technical support please contact one of the group facilitators or a Minister. 


we want to Learn!

SBC Resource Hub – is a growing online archive developed by Streatham Baptist Church to aid us on our journey of learning about racism.

“Let justice roll like a river and righteousness like a never-failing stream’

– Amos 5:24