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SBC Discovery Groups...

Join one of our DISCOVERY groups this year to find out more about faith, the Bible and who Jesus is. We'll eat some good food together, have some conversation and ask some questions. It is our hope that we'll all go home having learnt something together!

Join us for good food and good conversation, Sundays from 6pm.

Both groups will run for 8 weeks from Sunday 4th June and include time for food together, before moving into separate spaces to watch the videos and have discussion.

"The CHOSEN" group will watch episodes from Series 1 of the award-winning "The Chosen" and discuss questions like

Who is Jesus?

Why should I pray?

Does God guide us?

Who is the Holy Spirit?

"The CHOSEN" group is ideal for those who haven't decided exactly what they believe or whether they are committed to church or God, or for newer believers to ask plenty of questions and explore what their faith means in practice.

"The BIBLE Course" group was created by The Bible Society and is ideal for anyone who has recently started to read the Bible or has been reading it for years and years! There's something for everyone to learn as the course helps you see how the books of the Bible are part of one big story, using video teaching, written guides, pictograms and readings to help you grow in confidence as you read the Bible for yourself.

"The BIBLE Course" group will show you how key events, books and characters fit together. It's ideal for those who have already done ALPHA or Christianity Explored.

We hope you'll be able to join us.

See you there!

04/06 - 11/06 - 18/06 - 25/06 - 02/07 - 09/07 - 16/07 - 23/07


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