Our Values

We believe that Jesus has called us to be a worshipping, multicultural church that:


  • Equips for discipleship
  • Envisions for mission
  • Builds communities
Equipping for discipleship…

We are called, first and foremost, to be disciples of Jesus, growing in our love of him and our understanding of his ways. We seek to be a church that enables everyone, empowered by the Holy Spirit, to be close followers of Jesus, becoming more like him, discovering His purpose for our lives.

Envisioning for mission…

Jesus also called us to make disciples of all nations and we want everyone to catch the vision and feel equipped for their place in fulfilling this calling. We believe that people encounter Jesus through ‘whole-life’ discipleship: we want everyone we meet, in every aspect of our lives, to see Jesus.

Building communities…

In an increasingly divided world, God calls us to bring people and communities together and to see our diversity as our strength. We strive to build communities where people find healing, a sense of belonging across all generations and where everyone can fulfill their God-given potential.