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Jessica Ogunbiyi (Bell)

Lay Leader - Human Resources

Jess has had the joy of calling Streatham her home since her earliest memories - back in the days when a bus journey for kids cost just 20p and 70p for adults. Ah, ‘The times they are a-chang[ed]’!


Her journey to faith has been transformative and deeply personal. Raised in a Christian home, she found myself drifting away from God for several years. However, after facing a significant trial, she experienced profound peace that can only be found in Christ. This was not just an intellectual understanding, but a heartfelt revelation that reshaped my entire approach to life and faith. This revelation reignited her faith in a way that was more profound and mature than before. It led her back to a path of spiritual growth, marked by a deeper connection with God and a renewed understanding of His presence in her life. This journey back to faith has been a journey of rediscovery, learning to trust in God's plan and finding comfort in His unchanging promises, grace, and love. Jess was baptised at Streatham Baptist Church in 2021, marking a significant milestone in her spiritual journey and commitment to following Christ.


In her professional life, Jess works as a People Partner (also known as an HR Partner or HR Business Partner). Her career in HR, complemented by a master’s degree in the field, has provided her with a comprehensive understanding and passion for human resources. My work experience has equipped me with skills in understanding people, fostering positive relationships, and cultivating environments where everyone can thrive and feel valued.


Jess is a firm believer that God has a purpose for each of us based on the gifts entrusted to us by the Holy Spirit. For her, this involves using her professional experience, skills and gifts to serve Streatham Baptist Church as a leader at this time, bringing her HR experience to the team for the benefit of all.


Beyond her profession, Jess is dedicated to deepening her relationship with God, approaching Him “with a sincere heart and with the full assurance that faith brings”. One of her personal goals is to read the entire Bible in a year from Genesis to Revelation and spend more time studying His word. 


Jess' interests also include reading a wide range of literature, from fantasy and dystopian fiction to essays. Jess is always on the lookout for book recommendations, so if you've read something that inspired or moved you, she would love to hear about it!

0208 769 1515

Jessica Ogunbiyi (Bell)
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