40 Days of Prayer

40 Days of Prayer Series

No one would argue about the importance and benefits of prayer. But few of us give it the priority required to reap its rich rewards. Drowned out by today’s distraction of digital deluge and our relentless target driven culture, it’s no wonder our spiritual lives have become increasingly impoverished, lacking the resilience necessary to tackle the challenges of modern life.

Forty days of prayer is our commitment to our ourselves, to each other, and to God to spend time in his presence. Israel spent forty days in the wilderness before entering the promise land. Jesus spend forty days in the desert resisting the enemy before embarking on his world changing mission.

Forty days may seem like a long time. But when you consider there are 365 days in the year it put things into perspective. So, can I urge you at the start of the year to commit to Forty Days of Prayer. Complete the whole programme, accept the challenge and do not miss a single day. Once you have gone through the programme you will begin to wonder how you spent so many days NOT praying. It will help to make prayer part of your regular routine. Make full use of the workbook, take part in the daily devotions on the website and commit to making 2021 your year of prayer.

Pastor Chris