Here at Streatham Baptist Church (SBC) we are led by our Senior Minister, Phil Robinson. He is supported by our Joint Associate Ministers - Missional, Nathan McGuire and Rachel Waitt, and our Minister for International Mission, Elnur Jabiyev. Working with our children and young people are Esther Bee (Children) and Neil Charlton (Youth).  We also have a Community Evangelist, Howard Giles who leads our Manna House community and our Friendly Club which caters for senior citizens.

The Leadership Team is made up of members of the church who meet to pray and seek God's vision for the church. It currently consists of Phil, Nathan, Rachel and Elnur, along with Frank Awuku, Jenny Dowlen (Treasurer), Sam Ford, Nina Gonzalez-Lopes, Matthew Rhodes and Jackie Ritter.

Phil Robinson

Phil is the Senior Minister. Having previously served in Willesden Green and East Sussex, he joined the church in November 2007. Phil has brought with him a renewed emphasis on the teaching ministry of the church and on retaining and increasing an outward focus, whilst building on the charismatic ethos of the church. SBC has seen considerable numerical growth since his arrival and is in good heart for the challenges which lie ahead.

Phil enjoys travelling and visiting old church buildings.

Nathan McGuire

Rachel Waitt

Elnur Jabiyev

Elnur is our Minister for International Mission. He chairs our International Mission Strategy Group which focusses our support for International Mission and looks after the missionaries we support as a church. Elnur has also formed Turkic Belt Ministries which is a separate charity set up to provide support and assistance for persecuted Brothers and Sisters across the Turkic Belt, build strong links between the Church in the East and the Church in the West, and help with the areas of greatest need.

Esther Bee

Esther is our children's worker as of May 2014.

Neil Charlton

Neil is our youth worker. Hence the trendy blue hoody. He was born in N.W. London (that's why he supports Arsenal) and came to Christ in 1989. He studied and qualified in computer graphic design but felt strongly called to work with youth in both voluntary and paid capacities (at Willesden Green Baptist Church from 2003).

Robert King

Robert is our Church Manager.  He is an experienced manager, who has worked previously in management within the Metropolitan Police Service.

He, along with his wife Sue have attended Streatham Baptist Church for many years.