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Global Mission

Streatham Baptist Church Missionaries

Osei & Florence Akoto: Osei and Florence attended Lewin while they were training at Spurgeon’s Bible College a number of years ago. Osei & Florence are the directors of Mat-to-Fore ( which is one of Lewin’s mission projects. Their main work is in the village of Kotei in Ghana where most of the villagers are subsistence farmers and the area is very poor and underdeveloped. Mat-to-Fore have bought land, dug a well, built a school and have started a preschool group. Some individuals and groups from Lewin have visited and taken part in the development projects so far. Osei and Florence regularly visit the village and have been building relationships which have given opportunities for evangelism. The project allows Mat-to-Fore to express God’s love in a practical way. 

Ian & Helen Collinge: Ian & Helen were members of Lewin many years ago. They currently work with WEC ( They are involved with the Tibetan Story Telling Project which seeks to bring the story of the bible to Tibetans and other Asian peoples using culturally appropriate methods and indigenous languages. More information can be found at; and They also lead a small team of people who are involved in ethnomusicology. Their vision is that all peoples should be able to hear of Jesus and praise God in their own heart language, heart music and other culturally appropriate forms. They are based in Manchester but travel, from time to time, mainly to Asia. Ian occasionally teaches at All Nations Bible College about this. 

Freddie & Patricia Fenech: Freddie & Patricia are church members. They returned to live in Malta almost 5 years ago. Freddie works as a labourer (although his job is rather precarious) and Patricia helps in the church office. They are actively involved in the life of the small church they went to support. They both regularly go out with a small group to do street evangelism to both locals and tourists alike. Freddie and a friend have regular opportunities to visit merchant ships where they share the gospel. They have many exciting stories to tell! Patricia is able to join them when they visit cruise ships. They have seen many interested in the gospel and have opportunities to pray with crew and visitors. Some have made commitments to Christ while other are “on the journey”. 

Robinson & Kiran Gill: Robinson was a church member at Lewin while he studied at Spurgeon’s College a few years ago. He was actively involved in the Asian Fellowship then. He is “extended family” for Martin & Rachel Glassborow as his parents grew up with Rachel while her parents were missionaries in Pakistan. Since his return to Pakistan Robinson has married Kiran and they now have 2 children Abishay and Joanna Rachel. At ZBI Bible College he is involved in a multitude of things: Christian writing, youth ministry, translation work, lecturing and translating. He is a pastor of Emmanuel Church in Rawalpindi. He often travels to encourage Christians in more rural areas of Pakistan.

Jalu & Jasmine Hossain: Jasmine & Jalu studied at Spurgeon’s College in the early 1990s. During that time they helped Jean Samuel with a small fellowship, part of the Asian Fellowship, reaching out to Bangladeshi people in South London. Jalu is now the principal of a bible college in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Although they are not officially Lewin missionaries we do keep some contact. They covet our prayers and are always grateful for any contact or support. We usually send a small gift to them from the Christmas offering. 

Heather Lawrence: Heather first came to Lewin with her husband Rob and 2 small children in 1990 when they were preparing to go to serve with WEC in Mexico. They were actively involved in Winterbourne Christian Fellowship. While on home leave doing deputation, Rob died suddenly. Heather still works with WEC preparing people for short term trips and debriefing them after their return. She works hard at maintaining her contacts in Lewin. Rachel married her childhood sweetheart Miguel and they have now set up home in Tepoztlan, Mexico. Sophie has finished her degree and is considering her future plans. 

Mike & Lesley Wood: Mike was the previous Senior Pastor at Lewin. Although retired he now serves as the Regional Minister encouraging local Baptist Ministers. He and Lesley, are not “officially” Lewin missionaries.
Euan Woolley: Euan (and Amanda) was a church member. He is the UK Programme Coordinator for Global Action. He has many functions including general administration, profile raising and contacting churches, leading teams on mission trips, organising the UK GLOMOS course, fundraising and general dogsbody! Global Action is an international Christian charity that works to meet immediate physical and emotional needs, whilst also sharing the lasting hope of the gospel. 

Simon & Marrie Yousaf: Simon & Marrie are church members. They set up and run WWebTV ( which aims to reach people with the gospel using programmes on the internet. This is mainly to Asian countries but is in fact accessed in many other countries. The internet is a medium which is accessible where other forms of evangelism are more difficult. They produce, edit, upload programmes, monitor and maintain the site. They also produce programmes, especially for special occasions like Christmas and Easter for Asian TV satellite programmes. Lewin sermons are also recorded and made available on the website.